Workato Alternative: The 4 best tools

Workato Alternative: The 4 best tools

The Workato automation tool allows a wide variety of web applications and local services to be linked together and workflows to be created. However, many companies are still looking for an alternative that can be used to create business processes just as easily (low code/codeless) and in a customized manner. We present the 4 best solutions for companies looking for a Workato alternative.

The 4 best alternatives to Workato – overview:

  1. Zapier
  2. n8n
  3. IFTTT

Workato Alternative 1: Zapier

Zapier works similarly to Workato. The solution connects over 2,500 apps and allows easy creation of linear and multi-step workflow as well as conditional logics, depending on the package booked. In the free version only 5 process steps are possible, only the paid packages allow complex automations with if-then functions (Zapier Paths). Depending on the package, different numbers of Path executions are included per month, each Path executed beyond this number is charged additionally. The more efficiently the workflows are set up, the less expensive it is to use Zapier. Using Python or .js, Zapier Paths can be combined and automated with thousands more applications.

Alternative 2: n8n

The second Workato alternative in our ranking: automation platform n8n can be divided into two products:, a software-as-a-service tool, and n8n, a workflow automation tool that must be hosted on its own servers. Regardless of the execution location, n8n currently supports only 150 apps, which is significantly less than Zapier, for example. However, the trend is increasing and the most important services such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace or WordPress can be connected. In contrast to Zapier, n8n prepares the created workflows as a flowchart, so they can be changed or exchanged in a very clear modular way. N8n is available free of charge for 30 days, after which the manufacturer offers three packages. Plus point: N8n is a German company and must therefore comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

Alternative 3: IFTTT

IFTTT is primarily aimed at private users and is then completely free, but there are also packages for commercial customers. Nevertheless, IFTTT can be used primarily to automate consumer services such as voice assistants, various social media platforms as well as smart home solutions and financial apps. For the latter two, IFTTT offers significantly more options than other solutions. In total, IFTTT provides connectivity between over 600 services, among which the most important business tools and cloud platforms are represented. Another advantage is the consumer-typical, intuitive interface, which makes it very easy to make connections. Due to the strong consumer focus, however, the use of IFTTT in the enterprise only makes sense to a very limited extent or only in exceptional cases.

Alternative 4: PIPEFORCE

PIPEFORCE is a low-code platform for business process automation. In contrast to the previously mentioned solutions, the platform enables design, testing and full implementation of individual enterprise processes. Process Engine, BPMN Designer, Form Builder, central user administration and standard integrations are available for this purpose. Design, creation and implementation of digital and automated workflows can thus be implemented on a single platform, which significantly improves collaboration between IT and business and significantly reduces costs. Data storage and support is provided entirely in Germany, making the platform particularly attractive for German companies.

Want to learn more about how you can create and automate workflows with PIPEFORCE? Test the platform without obligation and free of charge:


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