68 percent of retail companies that are well advanced in the area of digitization are also satisfied with their sales. The average satisfaction rate across all retail companies is only 40 percent.

Digitization Index Retail 2018

Intelligent back-office processes for the retail industry

Digitization is one of the greatest challenges and also one of the greatest opportunities for retail companies. Stationary retail has been declining for years, while at the same time the sales volume in online retail is increasing.
With new digital sales channels come new challenges. Customers expect a seamless and personalized shopping experience. In addition, customer service, IT security and data protection require new intelligent solutions.
In this environment, intelligent process automation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with PIPEFORCE opens up new opportunities. Thus, process costs can be reduced by more than 65%.
This increases competitiveness against eCommerce giants such as Amazon, as well as revenue through better customer relationships.

This is how it works

Where cross-system processes in classic automation require lengthy interface developments, we use our software bots to simply reproduce the work steps, comparisons, entries and data transfers performed by your employees.
In this way, a bot can efficiently automate cross-system work steps and permanently adapt to new requirements. Merging customer information from different sales channels is also simple and quick to implement.

Lower costs

Faster case processing

More satisfied customers

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