Digital process for employee onboarding and departure

Digital process for employee onboarding and departure

Employee onboarding as well as their exit are complex and manual processes across different systems and departments in most companies. By mapping the process in a digital workflow, manual effort can be significantly reduced, process fidelity improved and process runtime reduced by up to 60%.

In an onboarding process, employees, supervisors, and partners from different departments and divisions (e.g., HR, IT, facility management) take on specific roles. The cross-departmental process must be linked and well documented. This is because, in addition to effort and process compliance, the safeguarding of personal data, adherence to compliance requirements, and a clear rights and role structure also play a major role here. Ordinary HR tools quickly reach their limits when faced with these requirements.

What are the issues to consider when designing the onboarding process?

  • What information, documents, licenses, products and authorizations does the new employee need?
  • What tasks, roles, and information are associated with existing employees?
  • How should the various roles be involved in the process?
  • How should the timely completion of tasks be ensured?
  • What systems and data are linked to the process?

In this way, employee onboarding can be mapped and automated across systems

When implementing the onboarding process, it is crucial that all roles and systems involved (e.g. from HR and IT) can be flexibly integrated. For this, the focus should not be on a specific system, but on the process as such. By using PIPEFORCE, a medium-sized mechanical engineering company was able to define the entire process via a clear flow and support it with various digital forms, predefined mailings and notifications. All without adapting existing systems.

The information required in the process is automatically extracted from the connected systems and written back or generated by form input from employees. When all subtasks for a process step have been executed, the next responsible person is automatically informed or an automated process is started. At the same time, every activity is documented in an audit-proof manner.

Results through automation

  • Clear workflow for existing and new employees
  • Reduced manual effort in the departments involved by up to 65%.
  • Automatic provision of information and reminders
  • Clear rights, roles and tasks concept
  • Complete documentation and full transparency on process status


Industries: Government, manufacturing, trade, transportation, insurance

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