Recognize handwritten texts

Recognize handwritten texts

In many business areas, handwritten texts have to be laboriously evaluated and the information they contain entered into systems for further processing. This requires a great deal of manual effort without generating any decisive added value. With tools that recognize handwritten text, such activities can be fully automated. This not only saves work, but also reduces the error rate during data entry.

Businesses often waste valuable time and money processing handwritten notes, requests, receipts, invoices, and statements, to name a few. Reviewing this type of unstructured data to find, extract, and manually enter the relevant information into a system of record is also incredibly tedious.

Handwritten text recognition offers great potential in these areas

For example, a car accident insurance claim may involve a large number of documents that require handwriting recognition. This includes doctor’s notes, damage reports, and repair records. In addition, automated processing of handwritten documents offers great potential in the following areas:

  • Membership applications for associations, clubs and other organizations
  • Contractual documents for insurance, financial services, transport services
  • Contact forms at trade fairs, events and promotions
  • Repair orders and hourly reports for service and maintenance

Recognize handwritten texts: How automation works

Once such documents are scanned, handwriting recognition at PIPEFORCE works as follows: First, AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR) is used to extract predefined information from the document. This analyzes the layout of documents to locate text and extract it as screen snippets. Afterwards, the image snippets are converted to text. In the second step, this text data is linked to another AI model that imports the information into the appropriate system of record. In the automation of the process, intelligent character recognition and evaluation, but especially the linking of the relevant systems, is thus crucial. This enables our customers to reduce the manual effort required to capture and process documents by up to 70%.

Results through automation

  • Reduction of manual workload for testing
  • Reduction of manual workload for input into recording systems
  • Reduction of input and transmission errors
  • Audit-proof documentation of the entire process


Industries: Manufacturing, Transportation, Insurance

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