Reduce customer acquisition costs in e-commerce

Reduce customer acquisition costs in e-commerce

Online commerce offers great potential for companies, and not just since COVID-19 and the associated contact restrictions. In the long term, the digital sales channel will generate the greatest added value for companies that efficiently implement their stationary retail and e-commerce processes and reduce customer acquisition costs. PIPEFORCE offers a powerful solution for this application.

In the e-commerce world, it costs an average of EUR 9 to acquire a new customer. This can dramatically eat away at online retail profits over time. To reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC), companies therefore need intelligent e-commerce cross-selling and up-selling techniques. These can be used to retain existing customers and maximize revenue per customer.

Maximize revenues through intelligent cross- and up-selling

PIPEFORCE can be used to identify products that relate to items that a customer may have purchased in the past. With the intelligent model for analyzing purchasing behavior, the customer can also be suggested products that other customers have purchased in connection with this item. It can also be suggested that a customer buy more items at a lower cost or combine more items. This reliably lowers CAC and increases the invoice amount at checkout.

Reduce customer acquisition costs: results

  • Reduction of costs for customer acquisition
  • Increase in sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction


Industries: Trade

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