Design, implement and operate business processes. All on one platform.

With PIPEFORCE, you map the entire cycle from modeling business processes to enterprise-wide rollout of automated workflows.

This is how it works

1. Process mapping & design

Create a short description and a BPMN diagram for new processes. You can then invite colleagues to work on the process with you. Existing process descriptions can also be easily uploaded and further edited in the team.

2. Integrate systems

Once the process description has been approved, it is automatically passed on to the team for implementation. The development team continues to work with the same data model and complements it with information on the required data, triggers and system connections.

3. Automate processes

Processes are automated by defining rules and decisions based on the process description. A low-code interface and the option to develop and integrate your own microservices are available for this purpose.

4. Test and train

After the technical implementation of the digital workflows, automated testing and user training can be used for quality assurance. All training participation and employee feedback are documented in the system and are available for process optimization.

5. Solution roll-out and operation

After successful testing, the solution is rolled out via a structured staging process. Operation then takes place directly on the platform. Scaling of the processes from one to several thousand executions is possible at any time.

6. Optimize operation

The impetus for optimization can come either from the specialist department or from development. In both cases, a new version of the process is created, complemented with the current information, and then released again for the implementation process.

How you benefit

Common database
Standardized release process
x 3
Implementation speed
100  %
Up-to-date process documentation

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