Automated notices

Automated notices

The cancellation of insurance contracts, subscriptions and service contracts by the customer is not pleasant for any company. In this situation, however, the focus should not be on administrative processing, but rather on measures to understand the reasons for termination and win back the customer. Automated notices allow sales reps to focus on these actions.

When a customer wants to cancel their insurance policy or subscription, this message is usually sent in one of two ways: By email, with content in the email body, or in an email with content as a PDF attachment. Termination then requires a series of steps, which can be automated and significantly accelerated using AI models.

How can a cancellation be processed automatically?

Essentially, AI (artificial intelligence) can be used to detect the intent in the message. On this basis, a series of checks can then be carried out to compare the identity of the sender with the content of the contract. With PIPEFORCE it is possible, with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI, to extract elements from the email or attachment – especially details such as contract number, customer name, date sent and sender name. Is cancellation allowed until the date the email is sent? If everything is in order, a signal is sent to a connected ticketing system of our customer, for example. If necessary, the respective ticket can be viewed and accepted by an employee, which in turn triggers a standard response to the sender. However, the AI model can also detect when any of the above checks fail and then routes the request to a sales agent who goes through a traditional manual process to cancel the contract.

Automated terminations: These results are realized

  • Reduction of manual effort by up to 60%.
  • Reduced response times by up to 70%
  • Fully documented process


Industries: Manufacturing, Transportation, Insurance, Trade

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