A modern, forward-looking state needs a modern digital administration. Digital processes and offerings offer enormous potential for cost-efficient services for citizens.

eGovernment MONITOR 2019

Intelligent back-office processes for public authorities

Digitization is not stopping at public administrations. Public authorities are faced with the challenge of having to implement more and more digital initiatives in order to improve the range of digital citizen services and save administrative costs.
In reality, however, digitization initiatives often overburden administrative staff and rarely lead to a reduction in administrative workload. This ties up resources that are urgently needed in other areas.
In this environment, intelligent process automation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with PIPEFORCE opens up new opportunities. Thus, the administrative effort can be reduced by more than 65%.
Damit werden in den öffentlichen Haushalten Ressourcen frei, welche für dringliche Probleme im Umweltschutz, dem Sozialbereich oder der Wirtschaftsförderung investiert werden können.

This is how it works

Where cross-system processes require lengthy interface developments in classic automation, we simply reproduce with our software bots which work steps, comparisons, entries and data transfers are carried out by the employees.
In this way, a bot can efficiently automate cross-system work steps and permanently adapt to new requirements. The automated processes are fully integrated into existing workflows, so that your employees are relieved to the maximum.

Lower costs

Faster case processing

More satisfied citizens

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