Process incoming e-mails automatically

Process incoming e-mails automatically

E-mail is the #1 communication tool for almost all companies when exchanging information with customers and partners. With the help of AI (artificial intelligence) and NLP (natural language processing), companies can process their e-mails automatically and analyze attachments. Based on the information obtained, automatic forwarding to the correct addressees or direct execution of a predefined process is then possible.

Companies are confronted with a multitude of emails from customers, partners, suppliers and authorities every day. These must be screened, answered directly or forwarded to the responsible areas for processing. The enormous volume and variety of e-mails leads to a great deal of effort for classification and assignment to business transactions.

NLP for the automated processing of e-mails

As a rule, email forwarding goes just one step beyond spam filtering and allows copying or forwarding emails based on rules based on the sender, recipient or other parameters. NLP and AI, however, now enable us to go a long way in automated email processing through natural language analysis. In this way, the system recognizes, for example, which topic, which customer, which policy or which business transaction is involved. The attachments to an e-mail can also be scanned and evaluated for this purpose. In addition, relevant information can be extracted from the texts and automatically updated in the relevant systems.

Handle large volumes of email with small teams

Financial service providers, insurance companies or even manufacturing companies can thus handle a large volume of customer e-mails with only a small team of sales and customer service staff. With the help of machine learning and NLP analysis, the intention in customer emails is detected (e.g., change of contact information, inquiries about the product, inquiries about contract components), the message is forwarded directly to the right contact person or even answered automatically.

Process e-mails automatically: Results

  • Reduction of manual workload
  • Reliable adherence to DSGVO and compliance
  • Higher customer satisfaction through faster response and processing times
  • Audit-proof documentation of the entire process


Industries: Manufacturing, Transportation, Insurance

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