Answer frequent customer queries automatically

Answer frequent customer queries automatically

Contact with customers is one of the most important activities of any company. At the same time, however, processing customer inquiries requires a great deal of effort and ties up employee resources. Companies that have customer inquiries answered automatically save a lot of manual effort and improve response speed at the same time. This saves costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Many incoming messages from customers are repetitive and contain requests for minor changes that distract sales reps and service representatives from their core tasks.

The automation of customer inquiries promises the greatest potential in these areas

The most common customer requests include:

  • Service or contract cancellations
  • Adding or removing a person or product from a contract
  • Changes to customer master data (address, telephone number, e-mail, bank details)
  • Inquiries about the product or service

Answering customer queries automatically: Here’s how it works

Using natural language recognition (NLP), PIPEFORCE can scan and understand the intent of a human message (e.g., in an email or contact form). Based on this, an automated response is then sent or the message is forwarded to the correct department. For example, when a customer sends a message with a “change of address request”, the intention of the message is automatically determined and forwarded to the appropriate department. An advanced option allows to retrieve the relevant information and assign it directly to the corresponding field in a database. These types of changes can either be automated unattended or reviewed and then approved by the user.

In a practical example from the insurance industry, the intention of incoming e-mails could be determined with an accuracy of 98%. The automation of the tasks based on this massively increased the speed of response as well as customer satisfaction, without the need for extensive adjustments to existing systems.

Results through the automation of customer inquiries

  • Reduction of manual workload by up to 80%.
  • Higher response speed to customer inquiries
  • Higher customer satisfaction


Industries: Government, manufacturing, trade, transportation, insurance

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