Workflow Automation Software: Top 5 German Solutions

Workflow Automation Software: Top 5 German Solutions

The best-known solutions in the area of workflow automation software all come from the USA – a problem for companies that take the local data protection regulation seriously and are looking for a German solution. We show the 5 best alternatives based in Germany.

Workflow Automation Software: Top 5 German Solutions

  1. Camunda
  2. Panflow
  3. Signavio
  4. JobRouter

1. camunda

A widely used German solution for automating processes is Camunda, based in Berlin. This is a fork of the Activiti open source software. The workflow engine executes processes defined in BPMN 2.0 and can be administered and monitored via a web interface. Camunda is primarily a tool for development and is not intended for the end user. There are no ready-made interfaces to cloud services, but there is a dedicated modeler that can be used locally to create workflows.


  • Easily accessible web interface
  • Basic version available as open source
  • Relatively high development effort, but therefore also extremely versatile

2. panflow

The workflow management system Panflow from Essen-based Panvision enables the definition of workflows, the creation of forms, the monitoring of the complete setup as well as a partial integration into existing systems. In contrast to what is often the case, Panflow does not rely on a modular structure, but sees itself as a versatile complete solution. On the server side, Panflow relies on a Microsoft environment, and the platform can then be accessed via browser.


  • Extensive complete solution
  • Variety of use cases and target groups
  • Operation completely via browser

3. signavio

Berlin-based Signavio has been a part of SAP since 2021 and describes itself as an all-in-one solution for business processes. The five individual solutions are correspondingly extensive but also complex. They can be booked separately depending on the intended use, but can also be combined with each other. The software originally comes from the field of process modeling and has strong functionalities here. The areas of workflow automation and integration are more in their infancy, so other solutions have significant advantages in this area.


  • 5 comprehensive and combinable individual solutions
  • In use at many well-known companies
  • Collaboration Hub for more overview of all connections

4. job router

JobRouter from Mannheim combines process automation with document management. Regardless of the industry, systems from different departments in the company can be networked. This is made possible by modular building blocks and interfaces. The integration of JobRouter is easily scalable – you can initially cover smaller task areas and then gradually add more and more processes. Agile document management is also available.


  • Easy deployment and customization via low code
  • Flexibly scalable
  • Document management with connection to Exchange and Outlook


The Munich-based workflow automation and integration platform PIPEFORCE is a comprehensive solution for the capture, implementation and training of digital workflows. The platform is specifically designed to meet the requirements of medium-sized and large companies and supports the entire process from workflow design to go-live through an end-to-end approach. With the unique pipeline approach, the integration of systems and the processing of data and documents is mapped extremely flexibly and simply, so that even technically demanding automations can be implemented within a very short time.


  • Complete solution for acquisition, implementation, testing and training of automations
  • Powerful integration of on-premise and cloud systems
  • Easy deployment and customization via low code

Workflow Automation Software: Conclusion

Even if the best-known names in workflow automation come from the USA: Our overview shows that there are also excellent alternatives in Germany, which are functionally in no way inferior to the US providers, are very innovative and cover the aspect of data protection decisively better.

Would you like to learn more about PIPEFORCE? You can create a free account with PIPEFORCE here within 20 seconds and get started right away!

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