Serverless workflow automation from PIPEFORCE receives funding

Serverless workflow automation from PIPEFORCE receives funding

With PIPEFORCE, companies will reach the next level of digitization even faster in the future: With the serverless workflow automation and integration platform, any systems are connected and business processes are automated at an unprecedented speed. This significantly saves costs, increases flexibility and reduces failure risks. The development at PIPEFORCE is now being subsidized by the government with a six-figure sum, which means that the innovative edge of the solution, compared to the competition, can be expanded even faster.

The Serverless Workflow Automation from PIPEFORCE

The object of the funded research project is the further development of PIPEFORCE through a globally unique autonomous coupling of decentrally operating workflows and services. Put simply, the idea is that interfaces and processes in the PIPEFORCE Cloud – similar to neural networks – can find and link each other completely autonomously to a certain degree, thereby significantly reducing development and maintenance costs.

Supplementation of the existing functions

The serverless platform currently already enables the creation of automated workflows across different systems. Here, the relevant systems and applications (from the cloud and the local IT infrastructure) are connected to PIPEFORCE via easily configurable interfaces. In the second step, low-code can be used to define, for example, which data or documents from a system are used, which transformations are to be performed, or which manual user inputs and forms are required for the workflow. The platform particularly addresses the requirements of security-conscious medium-sized companies and their IT service providers. Important aspects here are the configuration of workflows without programming and thus without deep development expertise, the serverless approach so that the customer does not have to worry about configuring the backend, and the possibility of creating end-to-end encrypted workflows. Data storage and data processing are carried out in a German data center.

Why autonomous coupling?

While the various customer systems involved in a workflow are currently still connected and mapped to the platform manually via standard interfaces (APIs), this will increasingly be done autonomously in the future. The Free State of Bavaria has provided research funding for this as part of the BayTOU program.

Instead of the fixed coupling of the systems via APIs, a dynamic coupling via messaging is to take place in the future, whereby the message keys, the required payload and data mapping as well as conversion are partly determined autonomously via machine learning. The manual (project) effort and the associated costs for the integration of systems and the creation of cross-system, decentralized workflows would thus be reduced to a fraction.

This revolutionary technical innovation can significantly accelerate and sustainably optimize digitization in companies. This provides medium-sized companies with completely new options for dynamically mapping their business processes and implementing them cost-effectively.


Now more than ever, companies are facing the challenge of having to digitize and optimize their business processes end-to-end in order to make the best use of their digital data (e.g., from the cloud, IOT, and internal systems) and provide user-friendly services and products for their customers. Currently, this is mostly done via proprietary (closed), monolithic systems, with which often only closed areas can be digitized at a central location. This creates process and data silos. This makes it extremely complicated to implement workflows across systems and departments.

For digital processes across system boundaries, the various systems and applications currently have to be linked with each other in an elaborate manner via projects. With every link and every interface, the complexity, susceptibility to faults and maintenance effort increase considerably. Furthermore, with a centralized approach, this leads to resource and process bottlenecks.

PIPEFORCE addresses these issues and helps companies reduce the cost of integrating systems and implementing automated workflows to a fraction. For more innovative strength, safety and success.

Would you like to find out what added value PIPEFORCE creates for your department and your company? Make an appointment with one of our experts!

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