With PIPEFORCE, you can transform your business processes into automated digital workflows that can be rolled out across the enterprise. Coordinate tasks, integrate your IT systems and keep track of the status of all running processes – with an easy-to-use low-code platform.

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This is how it works

1. Create triggers

Create system triggers, tasks and user notifications for the business processes described. You work on the same data model as the business department and thus ensure a single source of truth.

2. Integrate systems

Integrate your systems and applications (such as ERP, CRM, webshop or DMS) to read data from or write data to them. A constantly growing list of connectors is available for this purpose.

3. Select data

Transform data flexibly via low-code into the desired structure to process all relevant information in the process. Complex data processing and analyses can be mapped via individual microservices.

4. Approve for rollout

After the technical completion of the digital process, it can be released directly for testing. The subsequent rollout process is also supported and documented via the platform.
Cycle Low Code

Implementation via low-code on an open platform

An easy-to-use low-code interface is available for implementing your digital processes. This means that even employees without expertise in IT development can work directly on the implementation. Company-specific functionalities are connected via open standards or created via your own microservices and operated directly on the platform.

Easy integration of systems and data

Integrate your legacy systems and your cloud applications to automate your business processes across systems. The connection is made via a constantly growing set of connectors and interfaces. Once a system is connected, it is always addressed in the same way and integrated into your processes. This reduces complexity and increases the speed of implementation with each process.
Cycle Integration

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