Simply recording and documenting processes was yesterday. In modern organizations, Business Process Management (BPM) serves as the basis for digitizing business processes. It is therefore becoming increasingly important that process documentation can be seamlessly transferred into implementation.

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This is how it works

1. Describe and share process beschreiben und teilen

Create a short description for new processes and invite colleagues to work on the process with you. Existing process descriptions can easily be adopted and further edited in the team.

2. Create process according to BPMN 2.0

Assign a flowchart to each process. This can be created directly in the Online Workflow Designer or uploaded from existing process documentation. Joint editing with colleagues is then carried out online.

3. Assign triggers, tasks and roles

After describing the content of the process, roles and tasks are defined for each step. In this context, the triggers that start the process, the information required, and the systems from which this information comes are also recorded.

4. Acceptance and handover for implementation

Once the process description has been approved, it is automatically passed on to the team for implementation. The development team continues to work with the same data model and adds technical information to it.

5. Queries and feedback process

Queries from development are assigned to a specific process step in the flow chart and addressed to the appropriate colleagues. The feedback is again documented and directly on the common data model.

6. Update process and optimization

The impetus for an update of the process can come from the specialist department as well as from development. In both cases, a new version of the process is created, supplemented with the current information and then released for implementation.

How you benefit

Common database
Standardized release process
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Implementation speed
100  %
Current process documentation
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