Automatically classify incoming documents

Automatically classify incoming documents

In many business areas, scanning, classifying and extracting key information from printed and digital documents is an essential daily task. Organizations that automatically classify documents can significantly reduce manual effort while improving GDPR and compliance.

Companies that receive a large number of documents from customers, partners, suppliers and authorities on a daily basis face the challenge of having to reliably evaluate them as soon as they enter the company. The classification of the documents (e.g. with regard to personal or sensitive data) is of decisive importance for further processing. With the large volume of incoming documents, compliance with data protection requirements and the efficient assignment of documents to the correct business process, are usually not possible.

Automatic classification through intelligent character recognition

Intelligent character recognition can be used to automatically classify incoming documents and, on this basis, control the assignment to processes and responsibilities. Documents can be classified and distributed before even one person has read the document. To do this, PIPEFORCE uses an AI-powered model to convert unstructured data into structured data, on the basis of which categorization is performed.

Automatic response and definition of access rights

In insurance, for example, intelligent character recognition can be used to identify which documents are part of a claim. An insurance claim email can be sent using a standard printed form or include a handwritten note or photo of a damaged car. Through intelligent character recognition and file content identification, PIPEFORCE makes it possible to understand incoming documents as well as the intent of delivery. Based on this intent, an automated response can then be sent or the message can be forwarded to the appropriate department.

When processing application or customer data, access rights to documents can be restricted to selected user groups from the outset, and automatic deletion periods can be defined. This ensures that DSGVO and compliance requirements are reliably met.

Classify documents automatically: Result

  • Reduction of manual workload by up to 65%.
  • 100% adherence to DSGVO and compliance requirements
  • Higher customer satisfaction through faster response and processing times
  • Audit-proof documentation of the entire process


Industries: Government, manufacturing, retail, transportation, insurance

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